O Let Me Walk Close To Thee Blessed Lord

Oh, let me walk close to Thee blessed Lord,
From Thy presence never would I stray,
I need Thy love and the strength Thou canst give;
For the trials of the day.

Closer, closer to Thee ever,
Close, this my great endeavor;
Closer, oh, may naught e’er sever,
From Thy blessed Spirit, Lord.

Closer to Thee I would walk all the way,
For the tempter often leads astray,
And I am weak, blessed Lord, without Thee;
oh, be with me ev’ry day.

Closer, yes, closer thro’ all of my life,
Tho’ the clouds of sorrow hover near;
If Thy strong hand I may clasp, dearest Lord,
Then my heart can feel no fear.