O Let The Children Come To Me

“O let the children come to me,”
Dear Savior, thou commandest:
And for these innocents we see
How thou in welcome standest.
Still goes thy Spirit freely forth,
To gladden souls that need thee,
And thou bestowest heavenly birth,
If they like children heed thee,
For theirs the kingdom is.

By water and the Spirit thou
Our sinful nature cleansest;
Thy word doth show the path to go,
And daily grace thou sendest.
O may thy sanctifying love
Surround us all with blessing;
And may we all thy favour prove
In daily thee confessing,
Abiding close to thee.

O soul of man, remember well
The holy Name thou bearest:
Of everything that tongue can tell
That Name is still the dearest.
O child of God, his voice attend,
Live worthy of his choosing;
For he is thy eternal friend:
Beware lest thou be losing
His grace so freely thine.