O Let The Heavens Be Joyful

O let the heav’ns be joyful and earth repeat the strain,
That rings in notes of triumph o’er mountain, hill and plain,
Bright angels up in heaven their hallelujahs sing,
To Him who rose immortal, our blessed Saviour King.

Let heav’n and earth in joyful strain
Sing glory hallelujah over mountain, hill, and plain,
And let the angels bright with mortals sing,
“All glory hallelujah for the Christ indeed is King!”

Far stronger than the darkness, and stronger than the grave,
Is He, the risen Victor, the mighty One to save.
He burst the rock-bound prison, a captive world set free,
His touch of grace shall lift us to God’s eternity. [Chorus]

O let the heav’ns be joyful, and gleam with light sublime,
He reigns o’er death victorious, the Lord of Easter-time;
Thro’ centuries swift passing this strain of joy shall ring,
“All glory hallelujah the Christ indeed is King!” [Chorus]