O Let The Words Of Jesus Ring

Oh, let the words of Jesus ring
From east to west, from shore to shore;
You must, you must be born again,
To live for evermore.

You must be born again, again,
You must be born again, again;
To live with Christ for evermore,
You must be born again.

No works of thine can give the right
To enter heaven’s open door;
Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Light,
And Life for evermore. [Chorus]

‘Tis all of grace, abundant grace,
His word declares it o’er and o’er,
Whoe’er believes on Jesus Christ
Shall live for evermore. [Chorus]

He’s ready now to cleanse thy heart,
If you His Spirit’s pow’r implore;
The gift of life He will impart,
Yea, life for evermore. [Chorus]