O Let Us Be Glad In Our Savior And King

Oh, let us be glad in our Savior and king,
No tongues ever had greater reason to sing;
Our hearts we will raise with our voices in song,
And give Him the praise, to whom praises belong.

Be glad, be glad,
Oh, let us be glad in our king;
Lift up happy voices and praise Him,
Till space with His praises shall ring.

His wonderful name makes our victory sure,
We share in His fame which shall ever endure;
On earth we’ve His Word and the gift of His love;
The joy of the Lord yet awaits us above. [Refrain]

We bless His dear name, thro’ smiles and thro’ tears,
His love all the same hath encompassed our years;
Oh, who could be sad when thus held in His care?
Come, let us be glad, and God’s goodness declare. [Refrain]