O Sweet Are The Moments

O sweet are the moments, so hallowed in feeling,
While here in His temple His praises we sing;
For oft we have felt, in our hearts’ deep revealing,
The presence of Jesus our lord and King.

O here in His temple we meet to adore Him;
To Him, our Redeemer, our praises belong;
And here, as our hearts bend in rapture before Him,
His name, sweet as music, shall fill every song.

We pray to be free from the stains of transgression,
For all should be clean in His temple today;
He knows every thought, and He hears each confession;
His Spirit descends where His children pray. [Refrain]

O here may new life to our spirits be given,
The joy of His presence new courage inspire;
In worship of song, with the bright ones in heaven,
May each heart be kindled with pure desire. [Refrain]