O The Dearest Name Of All Flags

Oh, the dearest of all flags on land or on sea,
Is the “Star-Spangled Banner” to you and to me;
‘Tis the symbol of Freedom, of Progress and Right!
May we keep it unsullied, as pure as the light.

Dearest of all on the land or the sea,
For it floats for you and me;
Hope of the world, emblem of the free,
Is our flag of liberty!

‘Tis the dearest of all, for we call it our own,
And we ring out our cheers with a glad, hearty tone;
While we’ve strength to defend, our allegiance to show,
Never shall it be trailed in the dust of the foe. [Refrain]

‘Tis the dearest to us of the banners of earth,
But the Flag of the Cross is of still greater worth;
‘Tis the banner of Jesus, our Savior and King,
And to Him our allegiance we gratefully bring. [Refrain]