O The Joy And Consolation

O the joy and consolation
Jesus offers thro’ salvation,
Since a ransom for our sins He freely died,
That we might some day be given
Our reward with angels in Heaven,
And in gladness never ending there abide!

Yes, the Savior offers joy and consolation,
And a home within the glorious mansions for aye;
If you will no longer wander,
But accept His love and salvation,
He will freely, He will freely bless today.

O the joy and consolation,
To be free from condemnation,
Thro’ our Savior, our blest Lord and friend so dear;
If you would now be possessing
Jesus and His every blessing,
Only trust Him, only trust Him: He is near. [Refrain]

O ’tis free to every nation,
Without price or compensation,
And He’s calling, oh! He calls you now to come;
Only take Him as your Savior,
Sharing in His wonderful favor,
And forever, yes, forever, dwell at home. [Refrain]