O The Joy That Fills Me Every Passing Da

Oh, the joy that fills me ev’ry passing day!
Oh, the song I’m singing as I go my way!
I no more am burdened, hidden is my past;
I have been to Jesus and am saved at last.

Saved at last, saved at last!
Far behind His back my sins are cast;
I no more am burdened, hidden is my past,
Hallelujah! I’m saved at last!

Gone the time of darkness, I am in the light,
Singing happy sonnets with my record bright;
Not a fetter holds me, foes I dread no more;
I have been to Jesus, wand’ring days are o’er. [Refrain]

Honor, praise and glory be to Christ my King,
Oh, my soul forever shall His praises sing;
Listen, O ye weary, listen, O ye sad;
Come to Jesus quickly, He will make you glad. [Refrain]