O The Joy That We May Know When United

Oh the joy that we may know when united here below-
We are marching to the palace of the King;
With our faith serenely bright, every burden will be light,
And together of His mercy we shall sing.

Sing the song, the happy song,
That fills with joy the realms of glory,
Sing the song, the happy song,
And praise, and praise His name forevermore.

Oh, the rapture of the soul, tho’ the stormy billows roll,
If in Jesus we are sheltered from alarms;
We can shout aloud His praise, who directed all our ways,
For beneath us are His everlasting arms. [Refrain]

Oh, the tranquil peace and love that He giveth from above,
And the comfort that His sacred presence brings;
When He calls His own apart, and communes with every heart,
While we rest beneath the shadow of His wings. [Refrain]

When our journey here is past, and the twilight comes at last,
When the deeper shades of evening shall descend;
What a morning will be ours, in those never fading bowers,
When we join the nobler song that ne’er shall end. [Refrain]