O The Joyful Thought That Ever We

Oh, the joyful tho’t! that ever
We are kept, from day to day,
Bound by cords of love to Jesus,
Lest we leave the good old way.

No, he never will forget them,
Though the heavens pass away;
Folded in the arms of mercy
He will keep his own alway.

Never will our Lord forget us,
Child of sorrow do not fear,
Cast your burdens on the Master,
Lo, the Comforter is near! [Chorus]

Lift your eyes unto the hilltops,
Higher up ’tis better far,
Look, for you a light is gleaming!
‘Tis the fadeless Morning Star. [Chorus]

On the heights, so everlasting,
Sits a Sentinel divine,
God will ne’er forget his children;
Soon the night with light shall shine. [Chorus]