O The Lamb That Was Slain

Oh, the Lamb that was slain, soon is coming again,
Coming back in his kingly array;
The bright glory light, as it breaks on our sight,
Shines the curse of the earth all away.

Oh, the better day is coming,–the day star is shining,
The better day is coming bye and bye;
Oh, the better day is coming, in the dawning of the morning,
The better day is coming by and bye.

Then look up, weary saint, for thy mourning shall end,
And the fountain of tears shall be dried:
Sing–joyfully sing unto Jesus the King,
Who will reign with his bride at his side. [Chorus]

Wand’ring child, lone and sad, from thy Father’s abode,
On the mountain of sin, dark and cold,
The kind Shepherd waits, with a light at the gate,
He is calling thee back to the fold. [Chorus]

Roll away, sky of blue, let the Saviour come thro’–
Angry nations rush on to the fray;
But saints clad in white, and the angels of light,
With the conquering Lamb, win the day. [Chorus]