O The Music Over Yonder

Oh, the music over yonder
In the haven of the blest!
How the saints will pause in wonder
As they enter into rest!

Saints rejoicing! angels singing!
Victors shouting! bells aringing!
Oh, the music over there, over there,
Oh, the music over there, over there.

Where the healing streams are flowing,
Where the tree of life is seen;
Where the silv’ry sands are glowing,
And the fields are always green. [Chorus]

Where the sav’d unite in praising
Christ, the Lamb, for sinners slain
From the depths their souls upraising-
Spotless garments theirs again. [Chorus]

Oh, I love to tell the story
Even in this world of care;
But in yonder realms of glory
Sweeter far to sing it there! [Chorus]