O The Sorrow And The Woe

O the sorrow and the woe on the way to Jericho,
Where the wounded lie and languish on the road!
Where’s the kindly hand and heart that will take the victim’s part,
And will help him back to honor and to God?

Don’t pass by on the other side, my brother,
Don’ts pass by on the other side;
Be a kind Samaritan,
Doing all the good you can;
Don’t pass by on the other side.

Do not pass the needy by with a cold, disdainful eye,
If in heav’n you hope the blessed Christ to greet!
O Samaritan of God, as you tread the dusty road,
Find a daily mission lying at your feet. [Refrain]

Some that share your blood and name, robbed and wounded, and in shame,
May be needing a Samaritan, alas!
Or your neighbor and your friend; stop in mercy, then, and bend,
Stop and staunch their wounds, and bless them as you pass. [Refrain]

O the sorrow and the woe on the road to Jericho,
O the aching, breaking hearts that line the way!
How they languish, how they bleed! Christian worker, speed, O speed,
For the sighing, dying, call for you today. [Refrain]