O The Wondrous Grace Of Christ

Oh, the wondrous grace of Christ,
Dying our souls to save!
For sinners lost, a gift unpriced,
Even his life he gave.

If we neglect this salvation free,
How can we hope to escape at last?
Now is the time, the accepted time,
Oh, come, ere the day is past.

No tomorrow dare we claim,
Now is his day of grace;
“None other name, none other name,”
Offers a hiding-place. [Refrain]

Why delay when Jesus calls,
Standing outside the gate?
Repent, believe, ere darkness falls,
Haste, for the hour grows late. [Refrain]

Peace and pardon, life and love,
Guidance along the way,
May now be yours from Christ above,
If you but come today. [Refrain]