O Thou From All Eternity-2

O Thou from all eternity!
Who did’st decend to come and be
An infant brought before the Lord,
As was directed in his word.

Thy presence caus’d thy Saint’s rejoice:
They with thanksgiving rais’d their voice,
To see the Lord whom they had sought
Into the Holy Temple brought.

That which is to the world unknown
To ev’ry seeking soul is shown;
They who do humbly seek their God,
Shall have such grace on them bestow’d.

God’s counsels they are truly great,
Yet such as humbly on him wait;
To such the Lord will still unfold,
As unto Simeon of old.

Their Lord and Saviour they shall find:
They see him with the eye of mind;
Their hearts with faith and hopes are fill’d,
Thus is their Lord to them reveal’d.

But sorrow mingle with their joys,
And otherwise their mind employs:
As was the Virgin Mary’s case,
Tho’ she embrac’d the king of peace.

Her darling son, was Christ indeed,
Who came to crush the Serpants head,
But O, the tooth that pierc’d his heel!
What sorrows it caus’d her to feel.

As Simeon there had prophecied,
Her dearest son was crucified;
The sight thereof it was a dart,
A sword that pierc’d her tender heart.

Thus we rejoice and mourn again,
Our joys and hopes are oftimes slain;
But still our faith and hope increase,
Till we depart this world in peace.