O Thou My Feeble Voice And Heart

O Thou, my feeble voice and heart inspire,
Who touched Isaiah’s hallowed lips with fire!
Let burning coals from off Thy altar fall,
While I extol Thee, Jesus, Lord of all.

The waiting world shall hear the prophet’s voice;
Let angels, men and earth and Heav’n rejoice!
O House of David, hear! for in thy Son
Shall come a king to reign on David’s throne.

His name Immanuel! God with us shall be,
And all who walk in darkness light shall see;
The shades of death and hell shall flee away,
And earth shall own the great Redeemer’s sway.

The government upon His shoulders stand;
Justice shall be established by His hand;
In love and power His kingdom shall increase;
He shall be King of kings and Prince of Peace.

Our happy ears now hear the joyful word
“The prophets waited for,” but never heard;
Our blessed eyes now see the heavenly light,
That kings desired, “but died without the sight.”

The day the prophets waited for is gone,
Jesus is on the mediatorial throne,
To plead for us, until He comes again,
The earth restored, on David’s throne to reign.