O Thou Our King Enthroned In Realms On

O Thou our King, enthroned in realms so high,
To Thee today our offering is brought;
And though so small, The wilt not pass it by,
This gift of love with grateful homage fraught.

Might to deliver, merciful and kind,
Save from (Save from) sins’ pitfalls the wayward and the blind;
Lead from its darkness to the glorious light,
Mighty to deliver, our King, the Lord of all.

O Mighty One, who sent Thy Son to be
The Savior of a world grown sick with sin,
We thank Thee for the love that set us free,
And longs to welcome all earth’s children in. [Chorus]

God of all men, as merciful as just,
Guide Thou the feet that often go astray,
Until our souls shake off their mortal dust
And find their home with Thee some happy day. [Chorus]