O What A Meeting That Will Be In

Oh, what a meeting that will be
In that sweet time to come,
When we shall gain the victory,
And all the saints get home.

Home, home,
The saints’ eternal home,
Oh, what a meeting that will be,
When all the saints get home.

Oh, what a shout will fill the air
When we the King behold,
Who waits to bid us welcome there
Within His blessed fold. [Chorus}

Oh, how the upper courts will ring
When we our loved ones greet,
In that bright home where angels sing,
And all the ransomed meet. [Chorus]

When close to Jesus, the divine,
We stand among the throng,
Oh, what ecstatic bliss, to join
In the redemption song. [Chorus]

The battle o’er, the cross laid down,
And safe across the flood,
With spotless robes, and shining crowns,
All thro’ the precious blood. [Chorus]