O What A Savior Hes Pleading For You

Oh, what a Savior, He’s pleading for you,
Pleading for you, pleading for you;
Come and accept Him, He’s loving and true,
‘Tis Jesus now pleading for you.

Shall He come in?
Shall He come in?
Will you not bid the dear Savior come in?

Will you not trust Him as Savior today?
Trust Him today? trust Him today?
He will drive sorrow and sighing away,
Will you not trust Jesus today? [Chorus]

Open your heart’s door and bid Him come in?
Bid Him come in, bid Him come in;
He hath redeemed you, He’ll cleanse you from sin,
Oh, bid the dear Savior come in. [Chorus]

Come now to Jesus, for why will you die?
Why will you die? why will you die?
While He in mercy is coming so nigh,
Oh, brother, then why will you die? [Chorus]