O What Comfort Is Mine When The Love

O what comfort is mine when the love-light I see
In the eyes of my dear Redeemer!
‘Tis a message divine that He whispers to me,
That He whispers so sweetly to me.

Earthly friends may revile and despise me,
Indeed I unworthy may be,
But my Christ understands,
And His nail-pierced hands
Are held out in forgiveness to me.

And the sound of His voice reaches down in my heart,
Tho’ aloud not a word is spoken;
And I can but rejoice that He will not depart,
That from me He will never depart. [Chorus]

Not a tear, not a sigh, nor a low whispered word
Do I bring that He fails to answer;
None less worthy than I, yet I come to my Lord;
All forgiveness is Jesus, my Lord. [Chorus]