O What Has Jesus Done For Me He Came Fro

Oh, what as Jesus done for me?
He came from th’land of Canaan;
He died for me upon the tree,
That I might go to Canaan:
A glorious crown appears in view
In that bright land of Canaan:
A palm of royal victory too;
Come, let us go to Canaan.

Canaan, bright Canaan,
The glorious land of Canaan;
Our Canaan is a happy place,
Come, let us go to Canaan.

When I shall join that blessed throng
In the glorious land of Canaan,
I’ll sing the great Redeemer’s song
With the happy saints of Canaan:
There Jesus sits upon His throne,
Exalted high in Canaan;
Inviting all His children home,
To dwell with Him in Canaan. [Chorus]

Come, sinner, turn, and go with me,
For Jesus waits in Canaan,
With angels bright to welcome thee
To all the joys of Canaan:
Come freely to salvation’s streams,
They sweetly flow in Canaan:
There everlasting glory beams
Around His throne in Canaan: [Chorus]