O What Love The Father Placed Upon Us

Oh, what love the Father placed upon us,
That we sons of God might be;
But far greater glory yet awaits us,
When the Lord of love se see.

Not by the nail prints only,
Not by the mark of the spear,
But I shall see and know Him there,
Because I have known Him here.

When my Lord shall come with saints and angels,
When from clouds He calls for me;
Then I shall behold the wondrous glory,
Of the Christ who died for me. [Chorus]

When by grace we pass thro’ heaven’s portals,
When again we meet our own;
Christ my Lord, will be the one we worship,
Reigning on His great white throne. [Chorus]

On the cross He pardoned my transgressions,
And in dying gave to me
Power to be like Him and beside Him
Reign thro’out eternity. [Chorus]