O When Shall I Sweep Through The Gates

Oh, when I shall sweep thro’ the gates,
The scenes of mortality o’er,
What then for my spirit awaits?
Will they sing on the glorified shore?

Welcome home! welcome home!
A welcome in glory for me!
Welcome home! welcome home!
A welcome for me!

And when from earth’s cares I arise,
And pass through the portals above,
Will shouts, Welcome home to the skies!
Resound through the regions of love? [Refrain]

Yes! loved ones who knew me below,
Who learned the new song with me here,
In chorus will hail me, I know,
And welcome me home with good cheer: [Refrain]

The beautiful gates will unfold,
The home of the blood-washed I’ll see;
The city of saints I’ll behold!
For, oh! there’s a welcome for me! [Refrain]

A sinner made whiter than snow,
I’ll join in the mighty acclaim,
And shout through the gates as I go,
Salvation to God and the Lamb! [Refrain]