O When We Remember The Goodness

Oh, when we remember the goodness
And infinite pity of God,
Who tenderly bore with our hardness,
When over His mercies we trod.

‘Tis low, ’tis low,
Low down at His feet we bow;
‘Tis low, ’tis low,
‘Tis low at His feet we bow;

‘Tis meet that a creature dependent
For even this breath that we draw,
Should feel very grateful, and humbly
Serve God in His beautiful law. [Refrain]

And when we behold the compassion
That flowed from the side of the Just;
Such love to the poor, guilty sinner
Compels us to fall in the dust. [Refrain]

Come, sinner, and ponder a moment,
The pains of the Crucified One;
Was not this to save thee from torment?
Then yield at the feet of the Son. [Refrain]

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