O Where Are The Toilers For Jesus Today

O where are the toilers for Jesus to-day?
The fields are ripe for harvest, The fields are ripe for harvest;
Shall sheaves bright and golden ungathered there lay?
O who will be the toilers to-day?

Go work for the Master,
Today he calls for helpers;
O who will be a toiler for Jesus to-day?

There’s work in the vineyard, my brother, to-day,
Go labor in the vineyard, Go labor in the vineyard;
And that which is right you the Master will pay,
Go labor in the vineyard to-day. [Chorus]

Go work for the Master, my brother, to-day,
For precious souls are dying, For precious souls are dying;
Go tell them of Jesus, the true, living way,
Go tell them of the Saviour to-day. [Chorus]

Go work in the vineyard, my sister, to-day,
Go labor for the Master, Go labor for the Master;
A soul may be saved by a word you can say;
Go speak a word for Jesus to-day. [Chorus]

Unitedly work for the Saviour to-day,
And give him best endeavor,
To bring to his feet many souls now astray;
Go labor for the Saviour to-day. [Chorus]