O Where Can Truth Be Found Today

O where can truth be found today?
And where does wisdom hide?
O who to life’s mysteries holds the key?
O where does the knowing heart abide?

From ivory towers, philosophies fair,
From oracles of a day,
In halls of the learned, in palaces strong,
Do questioners seek to learn the Way.

They travel to and fro, and run
To far off lands and lore;
With unhearing ears, they do not perceive
That truth is knocking at the door.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
Respond to Jesus’ call,
And open the door to truth and light:
In Him is no darkness at all.

Let Jesus have your heart today,
He peace and love will bestow;
On Christ the Rock of truth now stand,
From whence do wisdom’s waters flow.