O Who Will Volunteer To Stand

O who will volunteer to stand
In gospel armor bright
And join the ranks of army grand
That battles for the right?
The banner of the cross unfurled
Against all sin and wrong,
The battlefield is all the world,
And victory our song.

Rejoice and sing, rejoice and sing
With loyal heart and voice;
We follow Christ, the conqu’ring King,
And bear aloft his cross.

Recruits are wanted here today;
Enlist while yet there’s room;
Then volunteer without delay,
You cannot come too soon:
The enemy is in the field
To win the world by sin;
Then volunteer and never yield,
The brave and true shall win. [Chorus]

O rally, then, like soldiers true,
For service in this strife;
Our Captain has a crown for you
Who volunteer for life.
Our Leader is our Saviour, too;
O trust him without fear;
He conquers by his cross for you,
He saves the volunteer. [Chorus]