O Who Would Remain In This Prison Of Cla

Oh, who would remain in this prison of clay?
When friends and companions are hasting away,
Away to the climes of the blessed and free,
Where death never comes, and where pure spirits be.

Oh, how sweet,
Oh, how sweet, when we meet with the friends over there!
Oh, how sweet, when we meet,
And with Jesus His glory to share!

Oh, could we but go with the friends that we love,
And taste their enjoyments in glory above,
No more would we fancy this desert below,
Where tears of deep anguish so frequently flow. [Refrain]

How many are there in white garments arrayed,
Who once with us here in this wilderness strayed!
How happy are they with their pilgrimage done,
As pure as the angels, as bright as the sun! [Refrain]