O Wholl Stand Up For Jesus

Who’ll stand up for Jesus,
The lowly Nazarene?
And raise the blood-stained banner
Amid the hosts of sin?

The cross for Christ I’ll cherish,
Its crucifixion bear;
All hail! reproach or sorrow,
If Jesus leads me there.

O, who will follow Jesus,
Amid reproach and shame?
Where others shrink or falter,
Who’ll glory in His Name? [Refrain]

Though fierce may rage the battle,
And wild the storm may blow,-
Though friends may go forever,
Who will with Jesus go? [Refrain]

My all to Christ I’ve given,
My talents, time, and voice,
Myself, my reputation,
The lone way is my choice. [Refrain]

O Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
My all-sufficient Friend!
Come, fold me to Thy bosom,
E’en to the journey’s end. [Refrain]