O Why Are You Cast Down My Soul

Oh, why art thou cast down, my soul?
Why sunk within me so?
Hope thou in God–he is thy Guide
And Guardian here below.

Has not the Saviour died for thee,
And shed his precious blood?
Has he not groaned on Calvary,
To bring thee home to God?

Then why art thou cast down, my soul?
Shake off thy gloomy fears;
Thy toils and conflicts soon shall end
In this dark vale of tears.

What though the powers of earth and hell
Against thee should combine?
Amidst thy conflicts, O my soul,
A glorious hope is thine.

This world and all created things
In ruins soon shall lie;
But thou, my soul, shalt dwell secure,
Beyond the starry sky.

There thou shalt rest with Christ above,
Where he, eternal, reigns,
And ever sing redeeming love
With sweet, angelic strains.