O Why Are You Slighting The Savior

Oh, why are you slighting the Saviour,
So patient, forgiving, and true?
The arms of his mercy are open;
He offers a welcome to you.

O come to the arms that are waiting,
They long have been waiting for you;
Oh, come to your loving Redeemer,
So gentle, forgiving and true.

Once led as a lamb to the slaughter,
He suffered, and languished, and died;
And now, in his tender compassion,
He shows you his hands and his side. [Refrain]

Again the dear Saviour is calling,
O turn ye, for why will ye die?
Your sun may go down in a moment,
The arrow of death may be night. [Refrain]

Again the dear Saviour is pleading;
Oh, look to his mercy and live;
The pleasures of time are but fleeting,
Then trust not the promise they give. [Refrain]