O Why Art Thou Heavy Laden

Oh, why art thou heavy laden?
Jesus calls “Come unto me,”
How he longs to lift thy burden,
And to give sweet rest to thee.
O give up thy fears and doubtings,
Cast thy care upon the Lord.
Now accept the grace he offers,
And believe his precious word.

Come to Jesus, still he’s waiting
From thy sin to set thee free.
Let him lift thy heavy burden,
Let him give sweet rest to thee.

Come to Jesus, do not linger,
Come, and his promise believe;
Trusting in his offer’d mercy,
Now his pard’ning grace receive.
On his promises relying,
Seek his will and make it thine.
Ever walk and talk with Jesus,
Strength’n’d by his pow’r divine. [Refrain]

Welcome now the blessed Saviour
Into thy poor fainting heart;
He will give thee peace and comfort,
Bid each doubt and fear depart.
Near the Cross of Jesus hiding,
On his precious words rely.
He will shelter thee from danger,
He will ev’ry need supply. [Refrain]