O Why Do You Linger Yet Longer

Oh, why do you linger yet longer?
O sinner, to Jesus draw nigh;
The Saviour is lovingly calling,
“Dear sinner, oh, why will ye die?”

Why linger, why linger,
While mercy is nigh?
Why linger, why linger?
Oh, why will ye die?

The pleasures of earth are deluding,
They soon, ah, they soon pass away,
Thy grasp they are often eluding,
And then, yes, ah, then they decay. [Refrain]

The darkness of death will o’ertake you,
And life with its pleasures be gone;
The hopes that have cheered will forsake you,
And leave you in darkness forlorn. [Refrain]

Then look to the Saviour for mercy,
You’ve only to look and believe;
His arms are extended to save you;
He lovingly waits to receive. [Refrain]