O Why Dost Thou Linger So Long

O, why dost thou linger so long
Outside in the danger and cold?
Come home to the shelter and warmth,
Come home to the joy of the fold.

Come home, come home, I am calling today;
Come home, I am waiting for thee;
Come home, come home, to the arms of my love,
I am waiting, waiting for thee.

The light streameth out from the door,
Behold it and enter and live!
The service of love is most sweet;
And life everlasting I give. [Refrain]

Who comes to the fold of my care
Shall drink from the fountain of joy,
And works of devotion and love
His heart and his hands shall employ. [Refrain]

Then come without waiting or doubt,
Bring all of your burdens to me;
There’s rest in the shelter of home,
There’s rest and there’s comfort for thee. [Refrain]