O Why Tarry Longer My Brother

O why tarry longer, my brother?
The Master is calling today.
Long years he has patiently waited,
O come to him now while you may.

O why tarry longer?
The Master is calling you now.
Quickly believe and pardon receive,
Be saved while before him you bow.

Why longer refuse offer’d mercy?
You now may salvation receive.
God’s Spirit it tenderly pleading,
Be saved as in him you believe. [Chorus]

O look unto Christ for salvation,
For you he was nailed to the tree.
His arms are outstretched to receive you,
Forgiveness is yours full and free. [Chorus]

The Saviour is waiting to bless you,
His favor so gracious to give.
O look unto man’s only refuge,
O look unto Jesus and live. [Chorus]