O Why Will You No Longer Your Choice Del

O why will you longer your choice delay?
The Savior is waiting for you;
Then come to Him now, and repenting, say:
Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?

Now, just now is the time,
Now, just now is the time;
Now is the day of salvation,
Come, come just now.

O come while He calls you, just as you are;
While mercy is offered to all;
Return, tho’ in sin you have wandered far;
O hear, and attend to His call. [Chorus]

O why will you doubt Him, refuse His love,
Why grieve Him by turning away?
He’s pleading with you from the throne above,
O come, then, while yet it is day. [Chorus]

He knocks at the door of your trembling heart,
O will you not let Him come in?
Unbar it, or He may ere long depart,
And leave you all hopeless in sin. [Chorus]