O Will You Come To Jesus And Bid The

O will you come to Jesus,
And bid the world adieu?
His friendship is more precious,
His promises more true,
The soul that trusts in Jesus,
Need never know despair,
Or the corroding sorrow
That springs from anxious care.

O will you come to Jesus,
Will you come today?
Mercy’s door is open, enter while you may!
While His spirit pleadeth,
Seek the Saviour’s face;
O, will you come to Jesus,
And now accept His grace.

O will you come to Jesus,
Who human sins forgave,
And who alone is able,
And who alone can save?
If He hath died to win thee,
O, soul, what must it be
To perish in thy blindness,
And thine iniquity? [Chorus]

O will you come to Jesus?
It is not hard to do,
Just say, “I am a sinner,
And Thou my Saviour true;
I now believe Thy promise,
I now accept Thy grace,
And enter on Thy service,
AS Thou shalt give me place.” [Chorus]