O Wonderful Story Which Neer Grows Old

O wonderful story which ne’er grows old,
The story of infinite love;
It brought the dear Saviour to earth for me,
From heaven’s bright courts above.

But I never can tell it, I never can tell it,
The height and the depth of His love;
But I’ll love Him and serve Him, confess Him and bless Him,
Till call’d to the mansions above.

The Saviour so sinless, so pure and true,
Came down among sinners to dwell;
Then gave His own life on the cruel cross,
No mortal such love can tell. [Refrain]

A witness for Jesus I mean to be,
And tell of His wonderful love;
Then some day when earth and its cares are o’er,
I’ll praise Him in heav’n above. [Refrain]