O Wonderful Wonderful Storybelievers So

O wonderful, wonderful story,
Believers so love to repeat,
How Jesus came down from bright Glory,
To make our redemption complete.

‘Tis a wonderful, wonderful story,
The ransomed repeat it in glory;
He comes to redeem,
O rapturous theme,
O wonderful, wonderful story.

O wonderful, wonderful Savior,
O boundless his mercy and love;
To offer transgressors his favor,
And crown them his children above. [Chorus]

O wonderful, wonderful mansions,
Dear Jesus has gone to prepare;
Thro’out all bright Glory’s expansion,
For those that shall dwell with him there. [Chorus]

O wonderful crowns for the blood-washed,
Within the sweet Eden of light;
And wonderful harps that are golden
For those in the raiments of white. [Chorus]