O Wonderful Words Of The Gospel

O wonderful words of the gospel!
O wonderful message they bring,
Proclaiming a blessed redemption
Thro’ Jesus our Saviour and king.

Believe, oh, believe in His mercy
That flows like a fountain so free;
Believe, and receive the redemption
He offers to you and to me.

He came from the throne of His glory,
And left the bright mansions above,
The world to redeem from its bondage;
So great His compassion and love. [Refrain]

O come to this wonderful Saviour,
Come weary and sorrow-oppressed;
Behold on the cross how He suffered,
That you in His kingdom might rest. [Refrain]

There’s no other refuge but Jesus,
No shelter where lost ones may fly;
And now, while He’s tenderly calling:
O “turn ye,” “for why will ye die?” [Refrain]