O Wondrous And Mystery Great

O Wondrous and myst’ry great,
On which all men should meditate:
Jesus, the blessed Lamb of God,
Came to redeem us with his blood.

The sons of men were doom’d to be
Condemn’d to all eternity.
Not men or angels could restore,
Or ransome man from Satan’s pow’r.

Had all the hosts of heav’n conspir’d,
To do what justice had requir’d:
All their efforts would never do,
The race of Adam fell too low.

Yea, far beyond the reach of all
Did Adam with his children fall;
By none on earth or yet in heav’n
Could sure relief to them be giv’n.

None else but Christ, both God and man,
Could e’er complete that glorious plan;
It was himself alone could be,
The Ransom that could set them free.

Perfect obedience he did yield,
Till law and prophets were fulfill’d;
And all demands were satisfied,
When Christ the mighty Saviour died.