O Wondrous Conqueror And Great

O wondrous Conqueror and great,
Scorned by the world Thou didst create,
Thy work is all completed!
Thy toilsome course is at an end;
Thou to the Father dost ascend,
In royal glory seated.
Lowly, holy, now victorious,
High and glorious: Earth and heaven
To Thy rule, O Christ, are given.

Thou, Lord, art now our head, and we
Thy members are, and draw from Thee
Our life and full salvation.
For comfort, peace, joy, light and power,
For balm to heal in sorrow’s hour,
We yield Thee adoration.
Kneeling, feeling, Thou art nearest,
Lord, and dearest: we’re receiving
Grace surpassing our conceiving.

Lord Jesus, keep our eyes on Thee;
Help us Thy servants true to be,
Fulfilling Thy good pleasure,
Set Thou our minds on things above,
Let this vain world ne’er win our love,
Be Thou our only treasure.
Wholly, lowly, we would own Thee,
And enthrone Thee: wisdom learning,
All Thy perfect ways discerning.

Thou, Jesus, art our shield and guide,
O let Thy words in us abide,
Directing all our going.
Teach us to love Thy blessed will,
To suffer meekly and be still,
Nor fear grief’s tide o’erflowing.
Weeping, keeping low before Thee,
We adore Thee. ‘Midst our sorrow,
Lord, we hail the coming morrow.

Lord Jesus, hasten Thy return;
Our longing hearts expectant yearn
To prove the joys of heaven.
Thy precious blood has set us free,
We owe our present all to Thee,
For us Thy life was given.
Singing, bringing praise abounding
Now we’re sounding never-ending
Triumph, Lord, in Thy ascending.