O Wondrous Grace For Guilty Men

O wondrous grace! for guilty men
Was Jesus born in Bethlehem;
He laid aside His majesty,
And came to earth a man to be.

My heart, so like the manger lowly,
Is all unworthy, Lord, for Thee;
Yet, as Thy home, by grace made holy,
My heart forevermore shall be.

Men knew not in such humble form,
Their Lord to save in love had come;
Almost unheeded was the birth
Of our Redeemer on the earth. [Refrain]

Tho’ He was rich, freely He gave
Up all, that He the lost might save;
Love, from the manger to the cross,
Made Him in gladness suffer loss. [Refrain]

I love the Lord for stooping so,
I’m glad that He did ever go
Thro’ human life in human form,
And even shared with man His tomb. [Refrain]

Like to the Lord, oh, may I be!
Like Him in His humility;
With love like His, to live alone,
To serve and bless the needy one. [Refrain]

O let the song of praise ascend
To Jesus, who so low did bend;
Tell out the love that moved His heart,
That led Him e’en with life to part. [Refrain]