O Wondrous Kingdom Here On Earth

O wondrous Kingdom here on earth
That Jesus Christ has founded,
Thy glory, peace and precious worth
No tongue has fully sounded.

Invisible as mind and soul,
And yet of light the fountain,
Thy brightness shines from pole to pole
Like beacons from the mountain.

Thy secret is the Word of God,
Which does what it proposes,
Which lowers mountain high and broad
And clothes the waste with roses.

Thine is the glory of the King,
Who bore affliction solely
That He the crown of life might bring
To sinners poor and lowly.

And when His advent comes to pass,
The Christian’s strife is ended;
What here we see as in a glass
Shall then be comprehended.

Then shall the kingdom bright appear
With glory true and vernal
And usher in the golden year
Of peace and joy eternal.