O Wondrous Love Beyond Degree

O Wond’rous love beyond degree,
Such as none can conceive;
My blessed Saviour calls on me:
Come unto me and live.

Here is his gracious table set,
With all my soul doth need:
He bids me here set down and eat!
And on his bounties feed.

This feast consists of heav’nly food,
As Jesus testified;
It is the purchase of his blood,
For this he groan’d and died.

His flesh was bruis’d, his blood was spilt;
With love to man, it stream’d,
And made atonement for our guilt,
By which we were redeem’d.

Here are the pledges of his love,
Which the bless’d Saviour gave;
To draw our minds on things above,
Which there we are to have.