O Wondrous Love That Jesus Above

Oh, wondrous love that Jesus shows,
To save from sin and all its woes,
And lead us up to heaven!
He died that we should never die;
He rose that we should dwell on high;
‘Twas all in mercy given.

Oh, wondrous is the Saviour’s love!
‘Tis pardon full and free;
Oh, blest salvation! wondrous love!
It reaches even me.

Dear Saviour, I will love thee more,
And labor on till life is o’er,
Proclaiming “wondrous love:”
I’ll tell to all thy saving grace,
And bid poor wand’rers seek thy face,
And enter heaven above. [Refrain]

Then hearken, sinner, come today,
Come thou to Jesus while you may,
For soon ’twill be too late;
Come, all is ready,-pardon, peace,
Along life’s path sustaining grace,-
Come, enter heaven’s gate. [Refrain]

Come, brother,-sister,-full of sin,
His “wondrous love” will let you in,
And make you all his own;
Come, angels wait to bear away
The joyful news that you today
Are coming, coming home. [Refrain]