O Wondrous Story Of The Lord

Oh, wondrous story of the Lord!
It thrills our hearts with love,
That Jesus came to rescue man,
And left His throne above.

Help me, dear Savior, Thee to own,
And ever faithful be;
And when Thou sittest on Thy throne,
Dear Lord, remember me.

In human form He deigned to dwell,
To raise our fallen race,
And shed about a manger rude
The brightness of His grace. [Refrain]

The angels sang, and men rejoiced
In hope of endless bliss,
And hailed the star of Bethlehem,
The pledge of love and peace. [Refrain]

It shines today to guide us on
Through earthly storms to Him,
The pole star for the sinner’s bark,
Whose light is never dim. [Refrain]