O Worthy Is The Lamb For Fallen Sinners

O worthy is the Lamb,
For fallen sinners slain!
O come, let us adore,
And chant this holy strain.
Come, bless and magnify the Lord,
His praise let all make known;
Let every nation, tongue, and tribe,
Laud Him who sits upon the throne.

A Prophet true is He,
God’s will He doth foretell;
The Spirit sevenfold
In Him doth always dwell.
Our ignorance He doth dispel,
Out doubts and fears remove;
His word-it is our lamp and guide,
Until we meet in heav’n above.

Our priestly Advocate,
At God’s right hand He stands!
For us to intercede,
He meets the law’s demands;
For us He did from sin redeem
With His most precious blood,
To make us heavn’ly priests and kings,
That we may live and reign with God.

All hail our coming King,
Whose right it is to reign!
The King and Lord of all,
Whose kingdom ne’er shall wane!
Thy Church, with anxious, longing heart,
Awaits the midnight cry,
“Behold, the Bridegroom comes!” at last,
Give praise to Him who reigns on high!