O Ye Children Of God Ye Redeemed Through

O ye children of God,
Ye redeemed thro’ the blood,
There is work, there is labor to do!
Souls, defiled and depraved,
From their sins must be saved,
And the Master asks service from you.

O our guilt will be great
If we falter and wait,
While the people are dying in sin,
If we send not the light
To dispel the dark night,
And for Jesus the perishing win!

Shall the broad, land we love,
Glory crowned from above,
Be surrendered to sin and the world?
Or be conquered and won
For God’s well-beloved Son,
And His banner of peace be unfurled? [Refrain]

From Atlantic’s white crest
To the shores of the west,
Must this nation belong unto God;
And the millions inn sin
Must be all gathered in,
And be saved thro’ Immanuel’s blood. [Refrain]

Let our off’rings of gold
Be increased manifold,
And each reapers will come by and by,
With the sheaves full of grain,
And in joyful refrain
Will adore the Redeemer on high. [Refrain]